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Steel prices edge down
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Steel building advantages
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Steel building advantages

Riding Arenas

Good morning, well depending on when you read this it may or may not be morning, hope its good anyway. Wow, riding arenas ar very popular right now. I'm quoting them more than other ag structures which is a bit of a surprise.
I do understand why folks are interested in steel buildings for this application though. The clear span capabilities of steel for example; up to 300 ft where a pole structure is normally 80 or so feet. Also, you can apply liner panels to the walls which makes an ideal inside wall for horses or mules etc.

Steel prices edge down

Have not posted for awhile but thought it would be good to let everyone know that steel prices have dropped 2 to 3 percent.  Since steel prices are the driving force behind steel building pricing, now is the time to lock in a building for the spring or summer building season. Prices may never be better then right now!! If you are serious contact us asap to secure the favorable pricing on your building!
Thought you might like to know!

Pole buildings vs Steel buildings

I'm Confused about why people build pole barns! A steel building is a far superior structure and competitively priced when compared to a pole structure; especially as the size increases. Plus the steel building is stronger, has no wooden components, utilizes better sheeting 26ga commonly as compared to 28 or 29 ga in pole buildings. Steel buildings can span up to 300ft without vertical supports (no posts). Shorter erection times and don't attract destructive insects. I could go on and on but you get the point. By the way I have and would now build a pole barn, if requested; but I try to point to the advantages of steel then build what the customer wants. I am just trying to understand why people choose pole construction. If you have any inputs please post them.
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